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Prenatal Yoga with Vanessa

Prenatal Yoga with Vanessa

Riding on the pregnancy emotional rollercoaster?

Yogic text says that the human body is animated by 72,000 nadis or meridians through which life energy flows. When we become pregnant, the number of meridians through which prana or life energy is channelled doubles. We are in a heightened energy state. We are more creative, highly sensitive and intuitive. No wonder we can be crying tears of anxiety, frustration or anger one minute and on a happy and joyful high the next.

What can we do to calm our emotions?

Taking time to tune into our emotional state – to fully experience our emotions is great for our emotional health and our babies too. Sit or lay in a quiet place, ensuring you are comfortable. Tune in with how you are feeling right now, fully embrace what you are feeling and be ok with where you are at, knowing our emotions are transient.

Take time to connect with your baby – visualising your bub floating in its amniotic sea, or if further along in your pregnancy – picture your little one held snugly and securely in a meditative pose. Smile. Come into your breath – take oxygen-rich, full-body breaths that nourish and sustain you and your baby too. Inhale for three counts letting the in-breath calm you, and exhale for four counts – completely letting go of anything not serving you. Let the calming rhythm of your breath soothe your emotions, your body and your mind.

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